Academic Overview of Integrated Science Programs

As more and more working adults try to balance career and family demands while completing their college education, there is an increased need for alternatives to traditional semester-long, classroom settings. We understand that growing need, and are addressing it through compressed, intensive classes that offer academically rigorous content.

ISP is a powerful alternative for learning basic science because it expedites the academic road for adult learners. Our flexible weekend college science program is offered in an intensive format that helps them complete their science prerequisites in a shorter period of time.

This enables adult students to move more quickly through their 4-year program, or obtain the prerequisites they need for entrance into post-graduate science studies.

Our instructors utilize a variety of methods to ensure information retention.

The main challenge of any intensive, compressed, immersion program is to create and maintain an environment conducive to learning. Our science practitioners are enthusiastic teachers who provide an outstanding learning experience for every student in their classes.

Utilizing multiple teaching methods, they address visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning styles while connecting curricular concepts to useful knowledge and skills. Their experiential and problem-based methods have proved to be successful since we first developed the ISP delivery model in 2008.

Integrated Science Program.
Learn science in months, not years.