Our Vision is our passion for learning.

We are all united by a single vision:

To be recognized as a leader in, and provider of, an academically rigorous, time-compressed and intensive program that is an effective alternative for nontraditional learners who wish to pursue and fulfill their academic and professional aspirations.

Our instructors are dedicated professionals whose experience and expertise enable them to instill in their students a fair amount of knowledge in a condensed time frame. Even though ISP students are attending time-compressed and intensive classes, they graduate with the highest level of confidence in their learning.

We are constantly exploring educational techniques and methodologies to find better ways to teach our students. Currently, we utilize a combination of classroom instruction, labs and online learning.

Our Vision is that we provide to our community an educational alternative that enables motivated adults to pursue their educational goals so they can enjoy a better life.

Integrated Science Program.
Learn science in months, not years.