ISP courses allow you to quickly earn credits for college level science courses.

Integrated Science Program (ISP) offers college science classes in chemistry, biochemistry, biology, anatomy and physiology, microbiology, physics, and other subjects related to the healthcare professions.

Since 2008, we have provided accelerated training in science courses so students can quickly obtain the prerequisites they need for their 4-year college programs. To date, we have served over 5,000 students who have successfully transferred credits to over 60 colleges and universities throughout the United States.

Accelerated learning allows you to quickly earn credits.

If you’re attending, or plan to attend, a college program for medicine, nursing, veterinary medicine or another health-related career, you’ll want to consider our innovative approach that allows you to complete a prerequisite course in only one month.

Our science courses feature:

  • Convenient, fast-track weekend classes
  • Same face-to-face instructor hours as traditional science courses
  • Focused training delivering the essential information you need
  • Online platform to supplement classroom and lab learning
  • Transferability of credits to colleges throughout the US (Students are urged to check with their college for eligibility prior to registration.)
  • Two convenient locations – Hayward, CA and Los Angeles, CA
  • Qualified instructors who care about your academic success.

ISP offers several fast-track, college level courses.

Obtain your credits with four weeks of intensive training, one science course at a time.

To earn their credits, students attend class all day Saturday and Sunday for eight consecutive weekend days (four consecutive weekends per course). You attend classes from 8:30 am to 6:30 pm, with two lectures and two labs each day.

We find that students benefit from the relatively short amount of time between the first and last topic of thoughtful consideration in each subject, and for the program as a whole. Students leave our program with a deep and integrated knowledge of how each branch of the sciences form a unified whole.

Please contact us for additional information about our program. Our representatives are happy to help you select your courses and ensure they meet the requirements of the college or university program to which your credits ultimately will be transferred.

Integrated Science Program.
Learn science in months, not years.