Biochemistry (CHEM 005)


High School Diploma or equivalent, General Chemistry 1 or equivalent, and Organic Chemistry 1 or equivalent.

Alternatively, CHEM 051 offered by Integrated Science Program serves as a prerequisite, replacing both General and Organic Chemistry.

Course Description

This course presents the structure and functions of biological macromolecules in the context of cellular integrity, dynamics and metabolism. Principles of enzymology, bioenergetics, catabolism, anabolism, regulation of gene expression, biotechnology, hormone regulation of mammalian metabolism and the pre-biotic evolution of life on earth are also explored.

This course is offered for either 4 credits or 5 credits. Please contact the school(s) to which you are planning to transfer your credits to confirm how many will be required for your program. You must notify ISP of the number of credits you will be earning before your class begins so we can plan your coursework accordingly. Note that this course includes 1 unit of laboratory work.

Nursing Students

Nursing students are advised to learn more about the General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry class also offered by ISP. This introduces pre-nursing students to the fundamental concepts of general, organic, and biological chemistry, and meets the requirement for diverse nursing degree programs.

$100 credit for Textbook

Nelson, D. L.; Cox, M. M. Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry. 6th Edition. Gordonsville, VA: W. H. Freeman; 2012.
(ISBN-10: 1-429-23414-8)

The 5th Edition of the same book may also be used as a textbook for this course (ISBN-10: 0-716-77108-X)

You may acquire the book from any outlet you prefer. However, for your convenience, an option is provided below:

Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry. 6th Edition or Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry. 5th Edition


Every ISP student entering Biochemistry receives a $100 credit toward the purchase of textbooks. For more information, please refer to our Textbook Policy.

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