Accreditation and Transfer of Credits

Click here to see a list of colleges and universities that have recently accepted credits from ISP courses. Please note that transferability of credits is not guaranteed. The acceptance of credits is at the sole discretion of the institution to which you seek to transfer them, and past acceptance in no way implies future transferability.

It is essential that all ISP students contact their educational institute to determine the transferability for every credit earned from ISP courses.

Please provide credit transfer confirmation.

Please provide confirmation that the credits you earn here will be accepted by the school(s) to which you plan to have them transferred.

This ensures that you will not be disappointed after you’ve completed our courses, and it enables us to ensure that you register for the correct courses and number of credits required for your college program.

To us, your overall success is important, not just your success in our classes. That’s why we provide every student with personalized attention from the moment they request information until all their credits have been successfully transferred to the college they’ll be attending.

We will work with you to determine transferability of your credits.

We know how confusing or intimidating it may be to obtain all the information required for determining the transferability of your credits. Therefore, every applicant to our program is assigned a dedicated, trained professional who is happy to help you with the process.

Your personal support representative will provide you with supporting documents that you can provide to the college to which your credits will be transferred. This information will enable them to evaluate the equivalence of courses and the transferability of credits. If they have difficulty making this determination, we are happy to work with them on your behalf.

Once transferability has been established, we will ask you to provide an email, or other documentation from the school, to confirm that your credits will be accepted. You will then be permitted to execute an enrollment agreement or contract with us. It is absolutely essential that you sign a disclosure on transferability of credits before you register to take our courses. No exceptions can be made to this requirement.

For more information about how your personal support representative can assist you in expediting the approvals you need, please contact us now via email at:


icon-call Or call us at 1-877-477-7242.

The sooner you do, the sooner you can be on your way to earning the credits you need.

Next Steps

  1. Determine which prerequisites you need for the program to which you are planning to transfer your credits. Consult the college/university website and talk to an admission counselor at the college/university to which you want to transfer your credits. Make sure to ask how many credits you need for each course.
  1. Explore which ISP classes would provide you with the prerequisites you need, and in what order they should be taken (consult our Calendar of Classes on this website). Do not forget: you can take only one class at a time, and there are prerequisites for some ISP classes. 
  1. Contact us and be assigned a personal ISP support representative who will serve as your admission counselor, advisor, and advocate.

    Send an email to us at and you’ll be assigned a dedicated representative who will assist you in obtaining any documents the college/university asks you to provide (including but not limited to a copy of the syllabus for each of those classes).

    Your representative can even assist you in contacting the college/university to answer any questions they might have in order to facilitate the acceptance of your credits.

  1. Provide the requested documentation to the Admissions Department/Counselor of your college. The Admissions Department will determine the transferability of your ISP credits and will notify you of their decision. This is usually in the form of an email, which meets our requirement of proof of acceptance of credits. Forward the confirmation email you receive from the admissions department to us at:

    Once we have received confirmation that your credits will be accepted, you may register for your ISP classes.

Do not forget that your personal counselor is available to assist you. All our representatives are familiar with the process and can expedite approvals on your behalf.