Textbook Policy

Every ISP student receives a $100 credit toward the purchase of textbooks.

The only exception being students enrolling in a Level 2 class (eg. Biology 2, Physics 2) when they took the corresponding Level 1 class with ISP.  This is because all Level 1 and Level 2 classes at ISP use the same textbooks.

New ISP registrants entering a Level 2 class (eg. Biology 2, Physics 2) who took the corresponding Level 1 class outside ISP are also eligible for the $100 credit.

This credit is provided in the form of a $100 tuition reduction, so you’re free to use it any way you desire – on new or used books, in electronic or hard copy.

To save money, and to enhance learning, we suggest ISP students rent the eTextbook version that is available through a variety of sources:

We recommend electronic versions of textbooks because they provide more functionality than traditional hard copy versions, save paper, and are easily accessible anywhere you may want to study.

However, if you prefer hard copy, you may use your credit to purchase new or used texts through Amazon or other bookstores serving the college market.

ISP offers a limited number of used texts to rent at our campuses for $50 per text per class. These textbooks are limited in quantity and offered on a first come, first serve basis. Please speak to your student rep about renting a textbook from us.